Museum of Commerce productions

       The Museum is developing "High Concept" storytelling for a range of mediums.  Provocative premisses bend quirky characters through Grounded Sci-Fi Comedies, Indie Comedies, Animated Comedies, and Grounded Sci-Fi Thrillers.  These tales are adaptable.  Forms of interest include: series, films, animated shorts, graphic books, and books.  In spite of our edgiest efforts all stories eventually exude (an often unexpected) warmth.

       The Museum recently released two (particularly relevant) illustrated volumes free to the public (April 2018).  View, enjoy, and share at:  whereyouathaters.com





Museum of Commerce

       The Museum engages in other artistic endeavors.  Previously existing as a series of evolving interactive art installations, the Museum was happily mercurial in spirit.  A couple exhibitions and some current creativity can be viewed here:  installations  and projects