The MOC is currently engaged in three distinct operations.  First the Museum is presenting unlimited editions of original artwork at accessible prices!  These are the contemporary works that you, your family, friends and freaks can afford!  These works may be diminutive is scale but are leviathan in liveliness... GET YOURS NOW!! Second, the Museum is excited to launch it's first two publications titled "Where We At?  For The Humans!"  and "Where You At?  For The Haters!".  These quirky books expose humanities fragile commonality within the vastness of the cosmos and... are coming very soon!  Finally, the museum is expanding on themes which emerged from the actions of the first phase of the Museum including: thresholds/boarder crossings, bilocation, close physical proximity, and tactility in the age of the internet.  These foci are now coalescing into highly interactive "social-pavilions" adaptable to various sites and interiors.


Museum of Commerce    phase one 2009-2014

The Museum consisted of an evolving installation that was occasionally crystallized into"Situations".  Recycling, both conceptual and physical, shape and scale shifting, and engaging in a range of social environments were critical interests of the first phase of the Museum.  Christopher James best summed up this activity in his article:  "Tracing Chaos: Aesthetics in the Surf Zone"  X-TRA Contemporary Art Quarterly,  Summer 2012,  Volume 14Number 4.

"The Museum of Commerce is a series of ever renovating "Situations," that can neither be described simply as sculpture, installation or even performance... The Museum lives.  The Museum is an active experiment and a constantly evolving/devolving (shape-shifting) work of art.  Each Situation is a realized manifestation of the Museum in the moment and in a given context.  From the moment each Situation opens, the installation begins to change.  This change is not predetermined, but rather develops as particular individuals or forces from the local environment act upon it.

With this kind of de-authored, process-driven artwork that uses a kind of managed abandonment to wander into, hopefully, uncharted territory, the end product is never prescribed; it is simply a result.  And like the result of a science experiment, it contains information that in turn becomes interpreted into a kind of knowledge in the mind of the observer."


Some Outings:

"Pollination" (Curated by Jongil Ma) Gallery Korea, NYC     "Museum of Commerce/Sari Carel" (with Eric Legris) La Mama La Galleria, NYC     "Bazaar" Soloway, Brooklyn NY     "Artisan Fair" Fort Greene Park, Brooklyn NY     "Defunct Market Place" Hanson Place, Brooklyn NY     "Experience Economies" (for Mary Walling Blackburn's Tutorials) The Lab, Boston MA     "Incident 46" (with Pilar Conde) Incident Report, Hudson NY     "Projections" (curated by John Pearson) Romer Young Gallery, San Francisco CA     "Rehearsal Sculpture" (in the Ohad Meromi exhibition) Art in General, NYC     "Surf Movie Night" (Curated by Christopher James) Mandrake, Los Angeles CA     "Radical Citizenship" (Curated by Mary Walling Blackburn) Hunter College NYC     "Tracing Chaos" (Curated by "the Modeling Agency") Scripps Institute of Oceanography, La Jolla CA     "MFA Exhibition" (Bard College) Red Hook NY     "Front Street Mini Mall" DUMBO Brooklyn NY     "Museum of Commerce/Lukas Geronimas" (Curated by Jess Wilcox) Wassaic Project NY     "The Fuzzy Set" (Curated by Pilar Conde) LAXART, Los Angeles CA     "Free Public Plastic Invasion" NYC