The horrendous attacks of 9/11/2001 carried out in a single day, by a very small group of terrorists and their facilitators, has led to an unimaginable, and out of proportion, retaliatory response of sixteen years and counting. The “War on Terror” has been shaped into the perfect anti-humanist storm, an excessively broad political tool with one terrible outcome (of many) being: to justify extrajudicial killings and assignations by drones in the airspace of other nations.  During this time nearly two thousand US drone attacks, under three presidents, have occurred in at least Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, and Libya.  Nor are these attacks coming from a neighboring Middle Eastern Nation in imminent danger, but worse from a relatively isolated nation (The US) far from harm. This constitutes an unconscionable “blanketing” of this whole region of the world with flying unmanned predatory weapons.  What was Science Fiction Horror to many of us growing up safely in the US has become a continuing US-created nightmare for hundreds of millions of people living from Libya to Pakistan.  (If drone strikes were being carried out by a unfamiliar nation from half way around the world targeting both Mexico and Canada one would feel unsure, helpless or terrified here in the US too.)  In the face of taking over another people's sky, and their ensuing loss of self-determination, freedom, value, law, and order, our collective lack of empathy is staggering.  The “fog of war”, distance, fatigue, a complex history with the region, a lack of imagination, racism, religious bigotry and xenophobia are all at play.  Because little or no danger is posed to our troops and officials who participate (many often participating from US soil), and because we very rarely see or understand both the physical and psychological carnage we create with our secretive drone program, there is no end in sight.  This failure of our government to self regulate the scope of the weaponized drone program (not to mention surveillance) is an ethical and humanitarian disaster.  A disaster that will only worsen globally as weaponized drones proliferate, and other nations follow our lead.  In the meantime, anti-American sentiment (which creates more terrorists), the terror of feeling like prisoners to US authority from which they are so removed, and civilian injuries and deaths (including those of the elderly and children) continue.


(These posters are meant to be displayed together, illustrating the dangers of distance and different perspectives..  The text on these posters is designed to "animate" a bit for someone walking by.  Adding a "surveillance factor", the letters seem to orient/lean one way as one approaches from the side, and the other way when one has passed.)