The bead-strand pavilions are "program-free" social environments that encourage close physical proximity.  All pavilions feature hanging bead-strand membranes.  These membranes provide a kind of physical echo to web space and social media structures, allowing one to voyeuristically peruse around or easily slide in and out of encounters.  The bead walls create an environment of porous "boarders", fetishizing the states of existing inside, outside, adjacent to, and in between

     The pavilion designs cover a large range of scales, geometries, complexities, and moods.  Diverse floor surfaces/textures and molded ceiling panels enhance most pavilions even though many are designed for interior spaces.

     These elegant, "pop-up" bead-strand pavilions (pictured above and below) are the exceptions.  Existing under sturdy 10' x 10' white pop-up "vendor" tents, these temporary pavilions create intimate (park-like) social spaces anywhere.  These "pop-up pavilions" feature a floor surface of glued-down earth/dirt surrounded by plush white synthetic rug.

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