The bead-strand pavilions explore spaces that encourage close physical proximity with unusually "program-free" social environments.  All the pavilions feature hanging bead-strand membranes.  These membranes provide a physical echo to the dynamics of our engagement with social media and web spaces... not necessarily going from point a to b and back out through the same door, but voyeuristically perusing around or easily sliding in and out of encounters.  The pavilion designs cover a large range of scales, geometries, complexities, and moods.   They are mostly designed to exist in interior spaces.  Diverse floor surfaces/textures and molded ceiling panels enhance most pavilions.

These elegant, "pop-up" bead-strand pavilions (pictured above and below) are the exceptions.  Existing under sturdy 10' x 10' white pop-up "vendor" tents, these temporary pavilions create intimate (park-like) social spaces anywhere.  These "pop-up pavilions" feature a floor surface of glued-down earth/dirt surrounded by plush white synthetic rug.

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